a rad idea is coming soon...

a rad idea is coming soon...

I'm working on something special to share with you, and will give it to you THIS week. In the meantime, below is a sneak peek at the pieces that are involved in my rad upcoming idea...


Do you want to share with me (if you haven't already on Facebook!) which one(s) are your favorite? I always love hearing back from you.


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Giving you something to lose yourself in while simultaneously finding yourself, is such an honor for me. I give you a doorway to serenity and new horizons, as well as a path you can take to find your own little moments of solitude. 


Stay-Tuned! The gift is coming soon!


Relationships, work, bills, children, pets, politics, finances, food choices, and other aspects of our lives can wear us down and out. Despite the powerful emotions that our souls go through every day, we are doing our best.

In addition to what we are DOING, we also need time each day to just BE... to relax. We can make time to pay attention to the feelings and inner whispers that truly ground and comfort us from inside.


Artwork can inspire sensations, emotions and recollections that can enlighten and heal us. Every moment that we are at ease allows our minds to unwind and our souls to regenerate.


I've been able to lose myself in peace and cover canvases with carefully considered brushstrokes thanks to these paintings. My spirit has found serenity while I have worked on the Open Skies Collection paintings, and I enjoy creating beautiful locations that can soothe myself and those who display them.


Thank you for being here,

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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