a new mama with 2 daughters painting ~ upcoming art fair event

This past month found me studying cave art from 17,000 years ago in France and Argentina (in prep for an art lesson in my sons’ classes).
What attracted me to the cave art, was not the paintings of bulls and deer, it was the human handprints…
Cave hand paintings

Cave hand paintings, Cave Of The Hands, Argentina

The fact that human beings stood on that spot and blew paint over their hands 17,000 years agothe human element and the human connection… this actually choked me up while presenting to the kids. The students were spellbound, intently listening.
How different are we, really, if we all have an urge to create a mark, to save a moment, to record our experiences, to make an impact for future generations to find?
Picturing those women (most of the handprints were created from women’s hands) standing right where I would stand if I were in the cave, touches my heart. We are connected.
This makes me wonder about my own art… when I paint a mother, she is connected to me and all mothers, by her involvement in the experience of motherhood (albeit a painted experience, but she is real to me).
All of us mothers are connected to each other by our mothering experiences. By what we do, every day. And that is a very lovely realization.
Speaking of Mothering… It’s Thursday ~ so I have a new original MINI painting to share ~ it’s a joy to have a mini in process each week ~ a little emotion, a little gift.
This new mini original painting is titled With Every Breath, My Love For You, and this original painting (8×10″, $225) is currently available. You can make her yours, right here, while she lasts.
With Every Breath, My Love For You, original 8x10" painting by Katie m. Berggren

With Every Breath, My Love For You, original 8×10″ painting by Katie m. Berggren

I also have prints of With Every Breath, My Love For You, right here.
NOTE If you ever love a painting in process (I share the process on Facebook) please do not hesitate to let me know in advance if the painting is for YOU. I am happy to make things happen as I love to see paintings go to their rightful owners PLEASE don’t be shy and if I do NOT respond to your email, or private message, that means I did NOT get it, so please send again.
~~~~~~~~ UPCOMING EVENT! ~~~~~~~~~
Confluence Winery, Artists In The Vineyard
Ridgefield, WA ~ July 25 & 26, 12-6pm
I will have an outdoor booth here, with originals, prints & pendants, I’d love to meet you!
Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day! Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.


Love & Sincerely, Katie

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