A moment of renewal – Mantra

Taking a few moments to breathe can reset us ~ if we combine that voluntary breathing with some gentle stretching of the back and arms, wonderful. And if we can add in, perhaps, a few moments of watching our thoughts pass across our minds like clouds in a beautiful blue sky… letting go… peace. And if we can add to that visual of the sparkly sky, a comforting word… a word that fits our moment, that helps right us and get us back on track….

Then we’ve just created an amazing moment of healing, peace and renewal. And so simple. Yay!

I wish for you the moments to stop and breathe – to step outside the rolling rat wheel of the mind and see with new sparkly eyes. I wish for you to feel the permission to do this (you officially have permission) – you deserve it, you are worth it, but mostly, you NEED it. We all do.

Mantra, new original painting by Katie m. Berggren

This week I started my painting several days later than planned, cuz life, and so a bit of tension was closing in around me as I placed the blank canvas on the easel on Tuesday morning.

I breathed into the stillness, saw the blankness and reminded myself that time and love are the most important ingredients in any painting – spend the time and the love and the inspiration will come. And it did. I trusted into the first several layers of paint and then she became. Layer by layer then little white flower by little white flower.

I love putting up a blank canvas and then feeling into a new piece, listening. To see something become where there once was nothing, is quite addicting

This new original painting has sold – but you can purchase prints of her here.

I hope you have a wonderful week’s end and a weekend of peace.

Thank you for taking the time to read along, 

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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