A Fertile Mind Without A Place To Grow

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A Fertile Mind Without A Place To Grow

If I had a dime for every time I said “I’ll remember that when I wake up”, trust me, my husband would be retired right now.

Countless, countless times I’ll be in bed, or standing in the kitchen, simply too… what, Lazy? Perhaps… to grab my journal and write down my idea or thought or plan.

It’s my belief (and I’m not alone) that we are all filled with loads of insight, ideas, creations, inspirations. Not to mention music, lyrics and dance moves. The gateway is the willingness to take hold of pen or pencil, chalk or crayon and put it to paper.

I’ve spoken to myself recently about this, and among other ‘get real’ changes, one is to WRITE IT DOWN! Fill the journal, that’s what it is for.

The flashlight by my bed has good batteries, and I may (as I did on the night I wrote this post, under the covers) just start putting my journal and pen next to the bed vs relying on the tiny notepad under my mattress.

So, my left shoulder screams while I lay and write, and I’m likely to someday fall asleep with my black sharpie on my white bedspread, but I’ll WRITE IT DOWN!

When do YOUR best ideas come and MOST importantly, do you capture those inner whispers? Or do you disregard them and let them fly out the window, quite possibly into another ear that will take action.

Have a great day!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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