A Busy Successful Monday – Available 8x8s – Free Cards Winner

Today is a busy Monday for me – but it has been successful, so far.

I’ve begun the week-long task of keeping track of everything I do, every minute of the day – as a way to track down my time-suckers.

I’m working through the SmARTist telesummit 2009 and the pre-work has asked me to identify my three main business concerns – one being Time Management.

For goodness sakes, I’m a mother of two with a job that could easily be full-time, a home to take care of… meals, cleaning, dishes, occupying little ones, laundry, vacuuming … how could I not be excellent at time management? Just like my fellow mothers who are reading this. We are Truly Amazing – and don’t let anyone (even yourself) tell you differently.

However, I sometimes feel, at the end of the day, that I didn’t get enough done – or, most likely – I didn’t get the right items done.

Thus, the minute by minute activity capture…

I’m crossing my fingers for some good epiphanies at the end of the week.

I’ve included here, there available 8×8 paintings from the 85 8x8s for $85 Collection – the series will run through October, and

November has something FUN in store for us all…

I have it planned and am wondering when I should let it leak.

Here’s a clue: GICLEE (larger scale, high-quality, archival representations made from an original painting)

Here’s a question: WHICH ONE? If you could get your hands on a giclee of ANY of my paintings (see the portfolio here) which one would it be?

I’d LOVE to have you COMMENT with your choice

I’ll leak more later

The available 8x8s are, in order from top to bottom:

Heart to Heart,
Pieces of Me,
June, and
Point of View

learn more about the 85 8x8s for $85 Collection here

Two of these paintings, Reconnect and Heart to Heart, are available in the Etsy Shop under 8×8 Originals and the others are on display but very much available with a touch of notice.

I wish you an inspired and successful day!

Terri is the Free Cards Friday winner, THANK YOU ALL for playing!

Love and Sincerely,

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