Thrive Collection - 7th Annual Painting On Purpose - Choose A Sketch!

Thrive Collection - 7th Annual Painting On Purpose - Choose A Sketch!

The Thrive Collection release on Tuesday was a wonderful time and a success! There are 3 original paintings remaining, and they are some of my favorites!! 2 of them I thought would be the first paintings to be snagged, but that just shows that I can’t guess 😊

See the available original paintings here and purchase prints of the sold original paintings.

Thank you all for your love and connection, for watching the live videos before and after the release, for following along. I appreciate you SOO much!! What a ride that was! 😊

Last night I dusted, swept and vacuumed the studio to prepare for my next project, and here it is…..........


It’s time for the 7th Annual Painting On Purpose! And you get to help me choose the sketch for my 2021 Painting On Purpose painting!

The PURPOSE for Painting On Purpose is to give ALL of the money from the sale of an original painting to an organization that benefits mothers and/or children. 

****So far, this project has allowed me to give
$4,966 to six different organizations****


I started POP in 2015, inspired by my sweet Grandma Neva who turned 92 on the release of the first painting, she’ll turn 98 when this one is released on February 6, 2021! 

EVERY YEAR YOU HELP ME choose which sketch I should move forward with for POP 😊 SO… which sketch do you want to see as an 18x18 inch painting? Just email me writing "1" or "2"! And I'll keep track :)


This year I have chosen as my receiving organization: Friends of the Children. Founded in 1993, Friends of the Children provides Portland's most at-risk children with intensive and long-term mentors. They take a preventive, early intervention approach that breaks the cycle of poverty and abuse by helping children in need overcome the many obstacles in their lives. They make a twelve and a half year commitment to each child, selecting them in kindergarten and guiding them through high school graduation.


Friends of the Children is built on research that shows the single most important factor in overcoming childhood adversity is a long-term, nurturing relationship with a consistent and caring adult. 

Learn more at @FriendsPDX on Instagram and


Learn more about Painting On Purpose on my website, and see the previous 6 paintings.


Thank you for taking the time to follow along with my work.

Have a wonderful week's end,

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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