500 New Art Cards on my Studio Floor!

I have a new supply of 20 new card styles in the studio ~ thank you to Steve, my wonderful and reliable printer in Portland, Oregon.

Woo Wee!

Want to get some? Here you go, right there in the Etsy shop. You are welcome to choose your 10 in the Variety Pack ~ especially right now while the pickin’s are good.

Here is an updated list of available 5×7 cards (availability subject to change!):

Joy & Peace: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g319.htm

Lost Together: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g313.htm

Promise: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g308.htm

Edge Of The Bed: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g87.htm

Undiluted: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g314.htm

Deep As A River: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g286.htm

Three Souls: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g303.htm

The Very Breath: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g320.htm

Happy Hour: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g310.htm

Home: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g236.htm

You & Us: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g133.htm

Blessings: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g105.htm

Connection: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g201.htm

Love Affair: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g93.htm

Life Is But A Dream: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g90.htm

Whisper: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g118.htm

Hand Me Down: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g231.htm

Pearl: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g132.htm

Star Crossed: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g262.htm

Nature: https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g92.htm

Many of these cards will be given away on Free Cards Fridays on the blog, as well as with each and every print, charm or original painting purchase.

Have a wonderful evening!

Love & Sincerely ~ Katie

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