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5 Things…

For a long time I had a list of 5 things on my fridge, things I must do everyday. It worked well. Any of us can accomplish FIVE things per day! They were: tea, water, paint, meditate, read

That list, I realized last night, has become ditched. Not sure where. My  husband and I were watching a documentary and a woman speaking mentioned “my five things to do each day”. The earlier intention instantly re-lit. I could set up a new list of 5 Things… and I am.

Maybe they will be: move, paint, love, breathe, water… I’m still contemplating.

What would YOUR 5 Things be? Anyone can accomplish FIVE things per day. I really want to know.
Whether you write back and tell me, or not, just knowing them for yourself is the best.

Have a great day,

Love & Sincerely, Katie

Katie m. Berggren mother and child paintings


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Finding Time by Katie m. Berggren

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