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In your shop account, sign into your REWARDS dashboard (purple bubble lower left) and get your Referral link! When your friend makes a purchase from your link, they will get $5 off their purchase… AND… YOU will get a $5 coupon emailed to you!


Grab your unique link from your Rewards dashboard, and here is a message you can send with it (via email, text, or a private Facebook message):

Hi friend! I wouldn’t share anything with you that I didn’t love myself. I want to share Katie m. Berggren’s motherhood art with you because the pieces I own remind me of the joys of being a mom. YOU are a GREAT mom! And I thought you’d like to see these positive paintings and prints of family love! 

If you choose to make a purchase using this link: <<PUT YOUR LINK HERE>> then you will get $5 off your first order from Katie! No strings attached. We can then both have collections of art that show how much we love our families.

The quality and colors of these prints and paintings are so beautiful! Shipping is fast and Katie even includes free gifts with orders :)

...You get a coupon, you support a mama-owned business AND you remind your friends that they are doing a GREAT job! Win-win-win.


Who are you going to send your Referral link to? :) Get it here


Maybe you and your friends can get some stickers before I run out :)


art stickers, mom kid family stickers


Thank you for everything, I always appreciate my incredible collectors, your kind words, purchases and shares.


Love & Sincerely, Katie


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