$455 to Food For Orphans ~ a new babywearing painting for the Mindful Mothering Project

An update on the Painting On Purpose project: this year’s original painting: Sun Up To Sun Down has been shipped to her new owner! AND $455 has been donated to this year’s charity: Food for Orphans. Learn more at www.KmBerggren.com, also, www.FoodForOrphans.org.

Painting On Purpose Project painting by Katie m. Berggren
Sun Up To Sun Down ~ newest Painting On Purpose Project painting by Katie m. Berggren

I enjoy giving money to those who help mothers and/or children, and I’m wondering if I can wait a whole ‘nother year before doing it again… would YOU like to recommend an organization that should receive the funds from the next POP Painting? Please let me know!


The Mindful Mothering Project

In actuality, I do not create my paintings from photos. I paint from sketches in my journal that have sprung from my heart and from inspiration around me. When I do have photos for inspiration (for custom commissioned paintings) I look at the photos for a bit, set them aside, and see what blossoms. I have no intentions or desires for photo-likeness, just for a heart-felt representation of closeness.

HOWEVER! For the Mindful Mothering Project… I like to involve YOU ~ my community of intriguing, wise mothers and women, fathers and friends. I like to invite YOU to submit YOUR photo(s) ~ and when I feel the urge… I pick one and create a painting inspired by it. She or he who submitted the chosen photo gets a free 12×12″ print of the finished painting ($32 value). Learn more here. I’ve done this 11 times in the past several years!

Here is the newest MMP Painting in process (I’ve named her Timeless Adoration):

Mindful Mothering Project painting, Timeless Adoration, by Katie m. Berggren

Mindful Mothering Project painting, Timeless Adoration, by Katie m. Berggren


Also, each week I create at lease one new mini original painting ~ this week’s new original mini painting is called Shared Smile ~ this original piece has SOLD, because a collector who saw her on Facebook (before she was completely done) asked to claim her.


YOU can do this too… if you ever see a piece in process (I post on Facebook and Instagram) and feel a connection, don’t hesitate to ask if you can snag her. I’ll let you know if someone else has already done so, or if the piece is a custom commissioned (pre-sold) piece.

Let me know if you’d like a print of Shared Smile!


Thank you for everything, have a WONDERFUL day. Wanna chat live on Facebook? I’ll see you there.

Love & Sincerely, Katie


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