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Painting A Day has been gliding along for 27 days - no painting today - but tomorrow brings day 28 and the 32nd painting to be released. Yesterday, two mini beauties were released and somehow they are BOTH still available! They are $40 each + $6 shipping with $10 going to the buyer's choice of organization. Email me back if one of them is for you.


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Tomorrow's release...

Grandma's House

This piece is in process but will be released tomorrow onto my Facebook page at 930am PST. Read her story below.



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At Grandma’s house, the bedspread is clean and cool. The baby isn’t rolling (yet) and love is always growing. Curious peeks from the hallway, dinner on the stove, grandma in her apron. Candies in the dish (with a shame-free invitation to lift the lid), and a table set for family. This piece harkens me back to the beginning of our family’s current generation: my grandma’s great grandbabies. At the same this puts me in the hallway of my own mama’s house, peeking in at my child asleep on her bed.


This new piece seems to have come from an urge to create simple moments of childhood & family. Below, you’ll see two pieces that I digitally illustrated 19 years ago. The Great Nap and Shadows. Pulled from my own experiences (there was so often a shadow monster lurking in the corner of my bedroom when I was a child…) and stories from my paternal grandma. 
When Grandma was young, she shared a bed with her sister and when cousins came over they’d sleep sideways in the bed so that they would all fit. Thus, The Great Nap! I remember she was SO tickled when this piece was done. To this day (she’s 100 years old) she has this piece framed on her bedroom wall.


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19 years ago, I had my first solo gallery show at a Centre in Portland, OR. I framed and hung these 2 digital pieces and 10+ others. During the art opening, my maternal grandpa purchased a framed print of Shadows because he said it reminded him of being a little boy. It was on their bedroom wall in 2022 when we were cleaning out their house. My grandpa had been gone since 2007 and now my grandma has passed on. Grandparents wanting to support their granddaughter My grandpa supported, and rallied, and protected. He did what he could to make us feel special and to make sure things were done fair and right, and I love him tremendously for it.

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The daily paintings are first released onto my Facebook page. Each piece is released on a first come, first snagged basis, between 9-10am PST.


With each painting, I’m giving $10 to the organization of the buyer’s choice.


Here are some of the new Painting A Day pieces, and Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Prints are available of sold pieces, too.


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I’m not emailing out these pieces each day, because I respect your inbox capacity, so you’ll have to visit them each day around 930am PST on my Facebook page. I’m also posting to my Instagram page.


Private message or email me to purchase, if you see one you want and it is still available.


Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful week's end!
Stay present, stay warm, stay healthy.

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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