1000 Feelings ♥ Grandma


1000 Feelings is a brand-new painting completed this week ♥ 

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While working on her (see the vid), I created her first in black and white, then began to add color delicately. I got to thinking about how my grandmother, who is now 99 years old, used to hand-color her black and white photographs when my dad was very young.


In grandma's photos, I am drawn in by the essence of color on the cheeks, the sparkle of the additional eyelashes. The highlights in the eyes... someday I'll show you one of her hand-colored photos!


1000 Feelings. From day to night, from dark to light, this mother is never truly alone. Her angel has her back with compassion and a bond beyond what we can see and touch. When we can’t find the words to speak our own hearts or soothe the soul of another, art speaks up for us. Artwork transmits messages and spreads vibes when words don’t seem like enough ♥


1000 Feelings is an original 12x16 inch painting on heavy paper. She is varnished for UV Protection and durability. I have poured my heart and an extra helping of peace into her creation, and trust that the essences of love and peace will flow out from her over the years ♥ 

DO YOU NEED the angel baby’s eye color changed on the original painting? Just let me know after purchase and I will do that for no additional charge.


By the way, my grandmother is STILL creating - and she'll be 100 in February. You might remember that she is the source of inspiration behind my Painting On Purpose Project! She crochets hats to donate to the local shelter, the food bank and hospital. Here she is with one of her recent batches:


My gosh... she's the cutest.


I hope you enjoy your weekend ♥

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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