10 Card Set – 5×7 Art Cards – Pick & Choose!

Hi! I have had lots of inquiries as to whether there is an option to choose the 10 cards in the 10 Variety Pack of Motherhood Cards in the Etsy Shop

10 cards with envelopes for just $22 – such a deal – a $32.50 value
The following list shows the available 5×7 cards:

Blessings https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g105.htm
Clarity https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g121.htm
Connection https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g201.htm
Cling https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g140.htm
Crush https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g163.htm
Fly https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g115.htm
Feed My Soul https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g156.htm
Hand Me Down https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g231.htm
Home https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g236.htm
Interlude https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g135.htm
I Can See Clearly Now https://www.paintingmotherhood.com/g225.htm

Help yourself! Enjoy!
Love & Sincerely, Katie

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