1 of 6 ~ original mini 4×4 painting, ready to frame ~ Hold On

I’m so excited about these one-of-a-kind 4×4” original paintings on heavyweight acid-free paper ~ the outer edge size is 6×6”. I am losing myself in them and am thinking of them as little honest windows into the mother/child connection. I could go on and on… I am releasing one per day for 6 days ~ These mini one-of-a-kind pieces are starting at $49 and each one comes with a retired KmBerggren studio paint brush. A brush that has served me for months of creating ~ now for you to hold. The paintings will be released each day at 10am PST until they are gone (6 days). I anticipate I’ll create a little collection like this 1-2x per month. Everything is subject to change, though!! That’s the nature of life (and being a mom).

Here is HOLD ON ~ the first 4×4″ painting on paper to be released. I am really loving these… HOLD ON is available here. We must remember that despite what life throws at us, we have a purpose, something worth holding on for ~ and it is those little faces that look up to us, learn from us, and adore us, no matter what.

Hold On - original 4x4 painting by Katie m. Berggren

Hold On - original 4x4 painting by Katie m. Berggren


AND a sneak peek of what’s to come…

first four 4x4 mini paintings by Katie m. Berggren



I also have a couple larger original paintings on paper:

Sharing Motherhood is an original 9×12″ painting on 11×14″ heavyweight acid-free paper ~ ready to be framed. Sharing the moments, supporting and connecting, creating a sisterhood of love and nurture. Find her here.

Sharing Motherhood Original painting by Katie m. Berggren

and Nutrients, find her here:

Nutrients-original painting by Katie m. Berggren

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this ~ Have a wonderful week!

Love & Sincerely, Katie

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