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Meet Katie m. Berggren

"Katie m. Berggren has been cited as the #1 Motherhood Artist in America, and her paintings and prints hang in homes of families in over 60 countries

When we are too busy rushing from one day to the next ~ it is so easy to get stuck in the rush of the daily grind and miss out on connecting with the ones we love most. Sometimes we lack patience to stop and take a moment to connect instead of rushing through dinner, homework, bath and bedtime.

We want so badly for our children to know that they are always loved, always safe and secure. We wish we could freeze time at this stage and age, because we can already see and anticipate that soon-will-come the shock that our baby is no longer a ‘baby’.

We CAN just stop in this moment... and look at her, look at her face, look in her eyes. We CAN take a moment to breathe and see that he is happy, full of love ~ and stopping to sit near him feels really good. I would like to provide to you a reminder to see. To simply refocus and see what (& who) is right here with you.

I hope that you will see yourself and your own moments in my paintings ~ that you will find images that reflect your life and your gentle choices as a mother.

If you are looking for images that look like photos ~ that look EXACTLY like you, you may not be happy here…
however, if you are seeking moments of peace and wholeness, images that convey something beyond a photo likeness:
a sense of love, warmth, security and connection, then you are in the right place ~ I invite you to find yourself in these motherhood paintings.

Regardless of what life chooses to throw your way, these moments are captured for all eternity. May these gentle celebrations of motherhood inspire, give you hope, bring you peace, and reassure you that good things are always possible.


"Even after so many years and purchasing a few of your pieces,
I still find so much joy in your art. I sometimes come to see your new pieces
or look at the ones I have on my wall and feel my heart filling to the brim.
Thank you so very much for sharing with all of us.” ~ A.K.

Two of my favorite things (that I really LOVE!!!) are: 1) falling asleep with my whole family in one room, listening to the breathing of my boys in a ‘nest’ on my bedroom floor. And 2) being alone in the studio, painting and creating ~ surrounded by peace, good music and maybe a little dark chocolate. And tea, always tea.

I am really glad you are here. I look forward to learning from you and being inspired by your kindness, stories and photos.

I invite you to join me for updates ~ I will send you only notes that I think will inspire you, brighten your day and/or help you choose which motherhood art pieces belong on your wall and in your life. As soon as you respond to the confirmation email (you will get that email after signing up, you will receive my newest ebook filled with behind-the-scenes peeks of 19 KmBerggren mother and child paintings.