FINAL DAY! ♥ last Week Of Love gift

FINAL DAY! ♥ last Week Of Love gift

It's the FINAL DAY of Week Of Love!  

Did you get what you wanted this week? There is still one last chance to get a gift. Have any questions? Today is also the last day for your purchases to enter you to win Deepest Breath. How many entries do you have? You can ask me :)


(Here's a gift that keeps on giving though, and doesn't expire: unlock 9 pages of download-able and color-able drawings)

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Today's Gift: enter code WEEKOFLOVE at checkout
and type in the name of the art you'd like in your free 1 inch glass art pendant, with orders of $44+, in the order comments (a $29 value), while supplies last


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Remember, you’ll automatically get a raffle entry for each $10 you spend THROUGH TODAY (I've been keeping track). The prize is a decadent and textured original painting on deep canvas, and the raffle drawing happens on Monday.


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I hope you have a lovely weekend! ♥

Love & Sincerely,



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