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Set Of 3 Inspirational Motherhood Magnets from Katie m. Berggren Mama's Milkies breastfeeding book from KmBerggren 10 full color mother and child art cards by Katie m. Berggren
Box of 10 5x7" Art Cards
Price: $22.00


When I was a little girl, there was a magnet on our fridge with a poem called "The Housewife’s Lament"... I STILL have the poem memorized, 30 years later! The poem was... fairly negative :) … what if we saw something every day that left a POSITIVE message in our minds, and the minds of our children? Something our children could grow up seeing, and would leave a loving impression in their minds... (READ MORE)

Written by Stephanie Craft and illustrated by Katie m. Berggren, Mama’s Milkies is a children’s book about a full term breastfeeding child, also honoring cosleeping. The reader will follow the little toddler (painted as a gender neutral little sweetie in 12 full color images) through the day as they wake and play, read, sing and finally drift off to sleep. All the while knowing that mommy still has “Milkies” when they feel like nursing. 10 full color mother and child art cards ~ gorgeous quality ~ in a crystal clear box, with 10 acid-free white envelopes. Ready to send love, give or be framed in a 5x7" frame.
6x9 Mother & Child Journal from KmBerggren 8x8 Mother & Child Paintings Book from KmBerggren
This is a 6x9" 100 page journal with many full color painting illustrations, lined and blank pages. Explore, create, record, capture.