Trust Through Vulnerability - Little Girl & Fox Art Print

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Message from the Artist: Rustling up the faith to trust another can be hard. We wonder who will hurt us. And some do. How honest and true can we really be? May we travel through life with kindness and an open heart, patience and wise skepticism, too. May we have an inner knowing for those who need connection, and those who prey off vulnerability.

May our lives be richer for having trust and faith. May we grow through openness. Our little girl, here, is reaching out to a fella who has lived with the burden of being feared. She sees something real in him and trusts him. Her trust opens his heart, and he sees us. My little girl here, she is offering blind kindness through trust, and this little foxy guy feels it. He is humbled by her authenticity and her acceptance of him. Bright blue eyed and red haired fox and his friend, the curly blonde haired little girl.

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