Someone To Watch Over Me - Child, Cat, Hedgehog Art Print

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Message from the Artist: When I was ten years old, I donated bone marrow to my 12-year old brother. That’s a very long and involved story, but a portion of it struck me before I started creating this piece. (my brother is now almost 44 and is the healthiest person I know)

On the night before my surgery, I lay in my hospital room, feeling alone and vulnerable, scared. Grandma, Grandpa and Mom were with Kev, as it should have been because he was the sick one. At some point, one of my Dad’s friends gifted me with a lead crystal angel. I remember sliding her out of the box. I had the angel next to me in my hospital bed. I can still tap into that feeling, 32 years later. She was simple and smooth and completely transparent, like glass. Heavy and cool in my hands. She lived in my childhood bedroom for as long as I can remember, even going to college with me.

A couple years ago, my mom had a scary accident and after getting home from the hospital I wondered: “DO I STILL HAVE my angel!? Gosh, I HOPE I didn’t get rid of it in some clutter-ditching session in the last 30 years…” I worried a bit but went to sleep. (my mom ended up being okay)

A couple days later, I carried laundry past my hope chest and opened the lid to pull out the first box I saw – a heart-shaped box from my sister. And inside was my crystal angel, right on top!! In that moment I was flooded with relief that she had survived 32 years of de-cluttering!

My youngest son was feeling unwell the next morning, so I put the angel on the little table by his bed. She watched over him and he was well within hours.
So… I have my angel and I plan to always have her. I now keep her out, not in the chest. I am sure the man who purchased her had no idea she would become such a special icon. My Dad is now gone, and I am sure his friend is, too.

We all need something to comfort us. Something that reminds us of our past, bridging the years by touching the heart. I am anti-stuff, in general, but I’m pro things-that-make-us-feel. And that is how I reconcile the fact that I am a maker of things – I make things that spark feelings. Paintings that remind us, touch us, open something within us. Verify our emotions, strengthen our moments, add color and movement to our memories.

Painted moments that connect you and I, because deep down we are very similar: we want love, we want to give love, we want to share. We need to feel.
This little gal is comforted by her special friends. She may feel vulnerable, uncovered… but she isn’t alone. And dang, since I couldn’t call this piece “A Girl With Her Humongous Hedgehog” the title I chose for this piece hits me right in the heart.

A print from the Wild Tenderness Collection.

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Heather F.
Fairfax, VT United States

Perfection to add to my office. I can't wait to frame it!