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Heal Together - Original 18x18 Mother with Inner Child Painting

Heal Together - Original 18x18 Mother with Inner Child Painting

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This original painting has sold, choose a print of her here.

Message from the Artist: A new original painting from the Inner Child Collection.

We can carry the child within us, she who is connected to us, fused. They have matching scars, in this case a star. The stars we have as children continue on in us, but they can be beautiful, too. There is visible texture in this piece because none of us escape childhood as perfectly smooth beings. Chamomile flowers represent gentle healing and calm growth. They blend together and are similar, connected by a cord of love. The child looks at us, awakened while the woman is in meditation.

The Inner Child Collection. the woman and her inner child are fused, connected. We have our inner child within us… tucked deep. Our cells were/are their cells. Our worries started as theirs. Their seeds are our blooms, like them or not. In these paintings the woman and her inner child have matching scars, but not ugly ones. Scars with meaning.
We can keep our inner children close, close our eyes and visualize their smiles, and their worries, because we are the adult now – perhaps the mother/father that we didn’t have when young.


An original 18x18 inch acrylic painting on deep gallery-wrapped canvas. The edges of the canvas are 1.5 inches deep. The edges of your painting are painted dark brown and all painted surfaces are varnished with UV Protectant Varnish. Your painting is wired and ready to hang, right out of the box. Signed on the front ~ titled, dated and autographed on the back.

Your new Original Painting will be shipped to you in a sturdy shipping box, wrapped securely, with a gift for you of a stack of free art cards. The paintings in this collection will ship via Priority USPS for US buyers and for international buyers, via USPS International Mail, ready to hang!

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