INFANT & CHILD LOSS ~ 14 Precious Angel print styles to Choose From

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Message from the Artist: Follow your heart through 14 options of artwork designed to soothe a hurting mother's tender soul. Choose a keepsake print that she can hold, something that can be carried from room to room, and placed in a baby book. These are some of my most-loved angel pieces together in one place for you to explore. Which piece feels soothing or provides a little hope for you?

Each of these prints is unique and special and available in several sizes. Choose your size from the drop-down menu.

Circle Prints consist of a circle printed on the paper print size of choice. 12x12 Circle Prints have a 1/2 inch margin, 8x8 and 5x5 inch Circle Prints have a 1/4 inch margin.

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 All prints are created from original Katie m. Berggren paintings.


Messages for the images in this listing:

CARRY YOU WITH ME: This is an art print from the cover art of the storybook Carry You With Me, written by Alanna Knobben and illustrated by Katie m. Berggren. You can choose more prints from the book here. See the Carry You With Me book here.

HOLDING AN ANGEL: In the presence of an angel, unable to look away. So many precious babies with their toes in the stars... So many heavy-hearted and authentic mamas. Bless you, bless you ❤ may your angels shine love down upon you, always ❤ If this image reaches your heart, my heart goes out to you. May this be the bereavement gift for a mother who is hurting, and perhaps a sweet and sentimental part of a memorial gift basket.

CELESTIAL: Oh, if only... my heart aches for the mamas who see themselves in this painting. May this bring you peace.

FEAR NOT, PRECIOUS ONE: Letting go, crying dry. But knowing the connection will remain. A mother and father gift after child loss, a sympathy and condolence gift for a couple after they have lost their baby. A sweet angel gift for a bereaved family, a tender keepsake to comfort a mother after miscarriage.

HELD BY ANGELS #2: We think about your babies, everyday. We realize your loss. So many precious babies with their toes in the stars... So many heavy-hearted and authentic mamas. Bless you, bless you ❤ may your sweet angels shine love down upon you, always ❤ If this image reaches your heart, my heart goes out to you. May this be a condolence gift that cheers your heart a bit.

ONCE UPON A DREAM: Some of us can only experience these together moments in our dreams, visiting with angel children and winged babies, and my heart and condolences go out to those bereaved mothers who have lost their sweet ones ❤ ❤ everyday I think of you…

WINGS OF A DREAM: The mother and the winged child – connecting, close by, spreading magic and love onto mama. This piece can make some folks uncomfortable, the whole idea of looking at a child who has moved on from mama’s arms – but for the mothers who need this imagery, I am honored to share. I’m honored to provide a visual for what your heart desires. Always in your heart, always on your mind. On beautiful wings, on the edges of dreams. ❤️ With sympathy for a bereaved mother who has lost an angel baby. A caring and thoughtful part of a memorial gift basket, a soothing gift to soothe a soul.

NEW HOPE: An Iris bursting with hope and rich feathery petals. Irises represent hope and this new painting represents the promise of what nature and the body may come together to create. She is ready, she is aching, allowing optimism to wash over her.

SOULS: In an effervescent atmosphere, an overlap of energetic realms – a fluttering, breathing crisscross of worlds: the soul/spirit world and the physical world…An expectant mother, a mother who has experienced loss in her past, is awaiting the birth of her rainbow child. As she waits, she feels and she realizes that the souls of those who have also called her body home, are near. The angel spirit baby souls are watching over, waiting to welcome the new bundle of joy.

Maybe I just LOST you with in my woo-woo-ness, but that is how I view this piece... The souls watch over, the spirits are waiting for the little one to arrive.

So many stories I have received over the last 15 years… of a mama saying goodbye to a precious soul(s) who once called her body home. And here I wanted to celebrate their presence and watchfulness ~ the souls of all whom we’ve lost are keeping watch, anticipating and expectant, just like us.

I believe in positive visualization and I also view this piece as a visual way out of the loop of loss ~ a step up from sadness. A positive visualization for birth. Something to gently rest our eyes on that may infuse hope.

SMALL WONDER: A little angel child, so full of wonder, so full of the promise of love ever after. Reaching out for whimsical butterflies in a world of peace and comfort. Condolences to the bereaved mother who aches for this child, and may this gift be a sympathetic addition to a memorial gift basket.

SET ME FREE: Sweet wings of freedom and joy, a quick fluttery visit to silently adore the tiny miracle.

BUNDLE OF LIGHT: My intention behind the Here & Now collection is not that we are rising from the ashes, though as humans we must. My intention is more about letting go. About reinventing ourselves and moving onward, not dwelling on past pains and troubles, and leaving the past in ashes. Carrying the fire forward to ignite our next moments. Bundle Of Light is a part of the Here & Now Collection.

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