Beautiful Fellows - Original 12x12 Mama & Three Kids With Big Red Poppy Flowers Painting

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Message from the Artist: A new original painting from the Thrive Collection.

Poppies symbolize remembrance of lost heroes and hope for a peaceful future. When we pull our children into our arms, we can see in them the heroes from our OWN lives that have gone. We may see in the little faces before us the whimsy of someone we will always love. Postures, how words are strung together, the sound of a laugh. The way their hair curls or stands up straight, the quietness of their voices or the energy of their bodies.

Our lost heroes are watching over, seeing us do our best, witnessing us give our all.

The Thrive Collection. Flourishing despite circumstances, because Spring is a season of intoxicating hope and we are destined to THRIVE. We will push from the soil and reach toward the sky, as we ache for sun and breeze after being tucked away.

Soon is a time for becoming something new – a new version of ourselves. With stronger stalks and more fragrant blossoms. With more texture and layers of meaning that unfold without apology, as we seek to discover new directions.

From dark into light we will go, taking our children along with us. Proving that buds stagnated can eventually bloom. Our flowers may be a big dingy, a bit starved for light, but they are holding strong. Holding out hope. At our fleshy centers, our cores, we believe. We will let inflammation and pain slip away, heaviness will fall from our shoulders and joints.

If flowers are the enlightenment of plants (E. Tolle), then we can marvel at a fresh bloom and know that there is promise for us as well. Infinite promise.


An original acrylic painting on cradled wood panel. The edges of the wooden panel are 1.5 inches deep. The edges of your painting are painted dark brown and all painted surfaces are varnished with UV Protectant Varnish. Your painting is wired and ready to hang, right out of the box. Signed on the front ~ titled, dated and autographed on the back.

Your new Original Painting will be shipped to you in a sturdy shipping box, wrapped securely, with a gift for you of a stack of free art cards. The paintings in this collection will ship via Priority USPS for US buyers and for international buyers, via USPS International Mail, ready to hang!

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