►SOLD◄ Without Walls - Free Child On Path with Flowers Painting

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Without Walls. For me, she represents our current children, but also the free-spirited happy wild one within our own souls. The little people that got us to where we are today.
Undamaged, precious and safe, dancing through an enchanted land. She’s whole and well and out of harm’s way as the sun warms her skin, and the breeze plays with her hair. There is much to learn, many to wisely trust, and more to discover.

Our children deserve the jubilation of color and a journey free of darkness. The ability to explore and to be seen at the same time. A chance to try and the opportunity to fail, always with a new adventure over the horizon.

The little girls inside of us deserve to feel this way, too. Surrounded in beauty that is soft to the touch, a loving world without walls. There is a light, may we keep it glowing inside our souls.

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