►SOLD◄ A Million Memories Of Love - Original 12x12 Mother & Child Beach Painting

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Message from the Artist: A dedication to mothers who play, engage, who roll around in the sand. Mothers who lift hands-full of sea water to the sky to watch it sparkle down and laugh when they get sand in their teeth and splashes above the cuffs of their shorts.

A captured moment for those mothers who take part, but also feel okay to step back and watch for a bit. Who keep their eyes on their children and the sea, but bask in the joyful voices floating on the moist breeze, listening to the stories. Always available but also kinda alone.

May we find this balance of fully engaged participation AND a moment of serenity to just observe. To see how the little ones teach and involve each other, using our own words as now their own, following our lead, sharing what we’ve given.
Let them, also, see us in peace and therefore learn peace.


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