BREASTFEEDING MOTHER ~ 13 Most Loved KmBerggren Print Styles to Choose From

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Message from the Artist: Follow your heart through 13 options of Mother with four or more CHILDREN art prints. These are some of my most-loved classic pieces, together in one place for you to easily browse through. Which painting of family makes you smile with memories of how little they once were? And how they used to all fit on your lap. Does one of these pieces of art remind you of why you work so hard as a mother? To keep your children feeling loved, warm, fed and happy.

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Messages for the images in this listing:

LIVE AS ONE: I get off track... I sometimes forget how much I ADORE painting while listening to music ~ I get lost over the months listening to health and nutrition podcasts... But nothing brings me back to my pure-honest-painting-soul like good music and a blank canvas. And my sons to sing and dance along with me in the studio. Live As One truly flowed from some amazing studio mojo ~ the best love and positive vibes. And now, may the loving and positive vibes flow out to you, and into the home of where this art print hangs.

PERFECT LOVE EMBODIED: The perfect moment, perfect love. A new baby and a new breastfeeding mother, the greatest gift.

ONE LAST TIME: The gift of breast milk, bonding and touch. A mother nursing her baby and knowing that someday the child will be done, that there will be a last time. We never can tell when the last time is coming for any activity we do with our children. Nursing at bedtime, reading before sleep, cuddles first thing in the morning. Someday we won't be their first thought of the day.

MANIFEST: Fresh and abundant, dewy and growing - like the folded petals of a tender rose. We choose to create beauty for those around us, we create food, we create life. We manifest time when we stop and take in the moments. The 15th painting in the Kindred Collection, Manifest honors the newly breastfeeding mother who may need some inspirational images and words to keep her going. The special bond of breastfeeding is powerful.

HERE IN MY SOUL: This piece got a slow and rough start during a rough week... she patiently waited until I was ready. She was released three days later than planned, but it was TOTALLY worth it. She helped my soul to heal over the past few days.

ROOTED IN GOODNESS: A spontaneous and rich moment, eye to eye contact and the combination of whimsy and the seriousness of getting that next meal!

NOURISHED BY THE MOMENT: I never took official breastfeeding photos when my boys were babes. But one day I had my hubby snap a shot of me nursing my first son when he was 4 months old. Then I drew it... naming it Nourished By The Moment. I hadn’t realized until I was a mother how a simple action, a single moment could nourish my own soul, as well as the body of my child. 15 years later I’ve just finished a painting inspired by the drawing. I searched for the 2004 photo a couple days ago because I needed a reference for the baby’s face. I couldn’t find it. Then a collector spontaneously messaged me a photo that helped a lot! Thanks Whitney!

BEGINNING HOURS: I wanted to pair the tiny innocent and vulnerable infant with a confident and beautiful, authentic mother.

ESSENCE: Our memories may favor the positive feelings, but maybe that is what it is all about ~ the essence of the moment.

STILL HERE: A print from the 21st painting in the Everyday Connection Collection ~ a series of paintings released every Thursday beginning November 2013. This collection is inspired by the opportunities we have each day to connect with a child. This painting honors the value in continuing to breastfeed and provide intimate connection as our babes grow.

BARE ESSENCE: Breath and breast, warmth, skin, emotion... motherhood.

OUR MOMENT: The sweetest moments of a mother nursing her little child. Moments that seem to last forever, but at the same time... these fleeting moments don't last long enough. 

ENCIRCLED: A mother and her child, encircling with love, the newborn.

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