Sweet Sentinel - Bird & Twins In Nest Art Print

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Message from the Artist: Blankets crafted into nests to sit upon, plastic eggs beneath us. Patient mama bird. Driveways carved into gravel, metal cars running round and round. Our first wheels. Playful children.

An imaginative world of children, friends together. Crawling through tunnels apparently woven by animals in thickets, just the right size to wiggle through. Climbing into trees to watch for approaching ‘enemies’. Tucking into piles of hay as a mama cat does to hide her kittens. Rolling with buddies, laughter and dust. Scaling the ladder to the top of the barn – our super-secret special place. Our first attempt at a house of our own. Spiders and beetles, birds and mice – they didn’t worry us all that much – the desire for play was stronger.

The critters must have watched in awe: these wind-swept children, scrapes and raspberries, racing the sun, skipping meals. Crafting their worlds with boards and branches. Wild freedom. Boots in the mud, secrets shared, burns whipped into legs from racing through tall weeds in shorts – raised nettle bumps, connecting to make mesas on our skin. Mud makes the itch go away.

Returning home with mud up to the knees, webs in the hair, scratches on arms and dirt between toes. Wild and run, tan and tired. Unconsciously grateful for Nature’s watchful eye and protection. Content. Friendship. Childhood.

A print from the Wild Tenderness Collection.

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