Collection: The Wild Tenderness Collection ~ One-Of-A-Kind Original Paintings & Customizable Art Prints

The Wild Tenderness Collection is artwork by KmBerggren inspired by compassion for childhood and Mother Nature’s creatures. Artwork for children who love animals, and children who care for nature. Select Embellished Prints and I can change hair or eye colors per your request.

♥ Choose Sweet Animal Artwork for Your Favorite Child ♥

Whether the child loves bunnies, raccoons, or is in love with polar bears, you'll find a beautiful and whimsical gift for a caring child. Nursery artwork with rainbows and chickens, children's room decor with butterflies... beautiful and inspiring paintings that make great gifts for new baby, big sister and big brother.

What to get a mother who is a proud mama bear? A mama bear print ;)

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