MOTHER with 3 CHILDREN ~ 13 of the Most Loved KmBerggren Print Styles to Choose From

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Message from the Artist: Follow your heart through 13 options of Mother and THREE CHILDREN art prints. These are some of my most-loved classic pieces, together in one place for you to easily browse through. Which art image warms your soul and makes you want to pull your children nearer? Does one of these pieces of art remind you of why you work so hard each day? To keep your children feeling loved, warm, fed and happy.

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All prints are created from original Katie m. Berggren paintings.


Messages for the images in this listing:

SOURCE OF WARMTH: She's a deep and earthy mother, seeing into the future and holding tight her dear ones. Let them feel the giggly joy, she will guide them mindfully into what is next. A print from an original painting.

HOLD YOUR PEOPLE CLOSE: Should we ever be too busy to connect with those we love? It is so EASY these days to reach out to someone who may be thrilled to hear from us. Someone who may, at this very moment, feel forgotten, alone, unworthy… these figures put their backs to the structured, hard-edged, mosaic of responsibilities and doings – they turn, instead, toward the softness of connection, leaning on each other.

COMPASSION: A comfortable composition allows for magical, whimsical color experimentation. The personality in these faces delights me!

TE TENGO A TI: Where would I be without these sweet beings to wrap my arms around? This brunette mother with her three brunette sons, wrapped together in a bond of family. Brotherly love that is magnified and encouraged by the love of a mother. Acceptance and collaboration, moving toward the future together. Te Tengo A Ti means I Have You.

FULFILLED: Fulfilled... from the first instant, to this moment. A mother embraced by her three children, with sparkly eyes shining and a devotion to mommy that is fulfilling and endless. The 4th painting in the Kindred Collection.

WARMTH IN THE COLD: The power of the warmth of love, even on chilly days. A golden haired mother with three children tucked against her, beneath a blanket. Keeping children warm despite the weather. The love of a mother can do that. Sibling love and mama love, all in the same vision of motherhood.

HEART WIDE OPEN: The challenge to create a mother snuggling three children at the same time. Three eager beings eyeing their mother, the source of all. Her heart is wide open and this image flowed from my heart...

HEART OF GRATITUDE: The challenge to create a mother snuggling three children, this image flowed from my heart...

BARE ESSENCE: Breath and breast, warmth, skin, emotion... motherhood.

TRUST IN KINDNESS: A comfortable composition featuring a mother hugging her three children, allows for a magical and whimsical color-play experimentation. Three children tucked together, loving brother and sister, loving mommy. Mommy is blessed. The personality in these faces delights me! Best friend artwork that celebrates best friends brothers and sisters. A beautiful Mothers Day painting that honors mom and daughter, brothers and mother child, on canvas or paper. The sweetest mother holding child art, with a big purple heart.

BRIGHT NIGHT: A comfortable composition allows for magical, whimsical color experimentation. The personality in these faces delights me!

BELOVED JEWELS: "The Most Precious Jewels You'll Ever Have Around Your Neck Are The Arms Of Your Children..." ~ Anonymous

SPACE TO BREATHE: They are taking a moment to breathe, still close, yet learning from mama that when things get wild, we can close our eyes and find our safe place.

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