MOTHER & FATHER with CHILDREN ~ 12 of the Most Loved KmBerggren Print Styles to Choose From

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Message from the Artist: Follow your heart through 12 options of Mother and Father cradling their child or children. These are some of my most-loved classic pieces, together in one place for you to browse through. Which pieces take you back to tender moments of snuggles, moments of pure alignment with the people who matter most to you?

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Messages for the images in this listing:

LIKE MINDED: I love the quote by Theodore Hesburgh: ”The most important thing that a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” When we can become a united and loving front; sharing in the joy and the discipline, our children feel secure. There are times when my sons choose daddy over mommy, but I know that the scales tip both ways ~ there is always balance ~ but most of all, the children know that we are both there for them.

SPOONS: A mother and father spooning with their little child. Baby is safe in the arms of mom and dad, a new family taking a much-needed nap. Spooning with your two favorite people... what more can I say?

SOON TO BE: A soon to be mama, a soon to be daddy, a soon to be welcomed new babe. Expectant mother and her husband enjoying a restful moment before the journey from pregnancy to birth. A comforting gift for a pregnant mother and her husband. Father and expectant mother cuddling together in bed, warm colors artwork on canvas or heavy paper. 

STRENGTH & BEAUTY: The strength and beauty of a father with his wife and their two children. Daddy shows his strength and Mommy is beautiful in the way she loves their 2 babies.

A MOMENT OF LOVE: One moment captured, one moment of many. Collecting moments is a worthy endeavor. A grateful mama with her husband and little girl. Flowers from baby to mother, to celebrate family time and traditions. Mother, father and daughter gift that can be passed down for generations. Customizable painting for Dad. Beautiful Art for mother and daughter with red, orange and pink flowers.

FAMILY TOGETHER: A moment in time, a family forever. Mother and Father cradling their three children, with the youngest representing the heart of family connection and togetherness.

SPACIOUS LOVE: 6 children, tucked lovingly between the two hearts that adore them the most ♥ Six whimsical faces, full of wonder and potential. What will they do next? In this moment they are captured, a moment of peace and warmth ♥

THREE, SLEEPING: Starting with the study, The Sleepers, I was pulled to recreate this painting in larger format – I took a painting that I started at the Camas Live outdoor demonstration event and transformed it! The painting previously failed to thrill me, but now, ah, I have a sensation of the pure, sweet, nurturing satisfaction within this moment of warm closeness. Enjoy your moments!

A THOUSAND THANK YOUS: A Thousand Thank Yous for family, for safe and healthy babies, for love and connection... for time together. Thankful for the family, a peaceful and comforting gift for a father and mother with two children. Mother and son art pictures, gifts for Dad that are personalized. Mother, father and two sons wall art. Thinking Of You art for mothers and fathers, art for moms with sons, boy mom gifts on canvas or paper.

HOLD DEAR: The family welcomes their third child, whom is held dear by all who came before him. Mother and father with two older children, watching over the new baby.

SOULS COMING TOGETHER: From an early age, we are grown in the soil of our families - in the patience and kindness of our parents and siblings, with some weeds and even some pests along the way. May the space around us be enriching, may it guide us and grow us, cultivate us into who we are meant to be. This father and mother together embrace their four children, always having the space to fit them in. This children are resting and some are bright-eyed. They feel the acceptance and the comfort. They know that they belong in this big family unit.

ALL THE TIMES: With joy in their eyes, this couple knows that they are blessed. For the children in their arms now, and the memories they will leave behind.

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