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►FOUR (4) ORIGINALS to choose from!◄ Painting A Day

►FOUR (4) ORIGINALS to choose from!◄ Painting A Day

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4 original paintings on paper - browse the images to choose yours.

Answer To No One, 8x8 inches on heavy paper ~ Those bright whimsical eyes sing to me, and I can see this little couplet navigating all that life throws at them. These two will set their pace and make their own rules.

At Grandma's House, 8x8 inches on heavy paper ~ At Grandma’s house, the bedspread is clean and cool. The baby isn’t rolling (yet) and love is always growing.

In Spite Of Everything, 8x8 inches on heavy paper ~ Sometimes it feels like the rain won’t stop falling. In spite of this, the sun is indeed coming back. See it there in the corner? The warmth will return, the free-flowing feelings of joy will begin again.

Grandmother, 8x8 inches on heavy paper ~ I had a flash of insight for what being a grandmother must be like… pure delight. Yearning for the opportunity to scoop all the little loves into one giant hug, and how that action would bring the biggest silliest joy-filled smile to grandma’s face.

•Each is an 8x8 inch ORIGINAL painting on heavy 140 lb paper stock
•Each is signed, numbered and labeled on the back, signed on the front
•Each is varnished for UV Protection
•Frame with or without glass, your choice
•4-part Interest-Free ♥ Payment Plan available above


The Painting A Day project was like fuel for me, it required that I experiment with restraint and patience. Now, on canvas, I am adding to those tools with layers of paint, subtle color transitions, faith, texture...


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