Simply Being - Bird & Sleeping Baby Art Print

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Message from the Artist: The Wild Tenderness Collection - inspired by compassion for childhood and Mother Nature’s creatures.

Last Year at this time I wrote about a Robin that crashed into my window and died in my hands. Read the story and see the painting that he inspired.

Last week, another bird hit my entry way window. I heard it from my studio and ran outside. He was a Varied Thrush, a relative of a Robin. I got to him immediately, but this time was different. As I held him, I had a good idea that his neck was okay. He was scared and in shock but alert and spent 30 minutes in my hands, staring intently into my face as I talked gently to him, convincing him that he would be okay. This time he was!! Unlike the Robin, this guy WAS okay!
He stayed so long in my hands that I wondered if there wasn’t an additional layer of meaning to him… was he a message from my Dad? If so, I certainly didn’t want to take him for granted. He was a beautiful meditation.

I checked out his wings and his neck and rubbed his head until his eyelids closed. I encouraged him to try out his wings and he hopped off, leaving me with a warm sweetness in my heart that lasted the WHOLE day.

This week… 2 THWACKS against my window. One right after the other. Two innocent Varied Thrushes, one gone immediately. The other I could tell was on his way out, past the turnaround. I held him and talked a gentle stream to him until he faded, then went to my bed for a full-on sob.

HOW? How can these beautiful creatures be so full of hope one second, cruising from the pear tree outside my window to what they THINK is another pear tree (a reflection)... going from the promise of more pears to death so quickly. From a moment of HOPE to the moment their life ends.

This question has gnawed at me. I cuddled the two birds together beneath a bush in my front yard that had recently carpeted the ground with small yellow leaves.

Simply Being is inspired by a piece named Watching You Sleep that I created for an early collection of art. Feeling protected and watched over by a friend who has the option of flying free, but chooses you instead.

A print from the Wild Tenderness Collection.

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