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Message from the Artist: Follow your heart through 13 options of Mother and TWO CHILDREN prints by Katie m. Berggren. These are some of my most-loved classic pieces, together in one place for you to browse through. Which piece gives you the sweetest memories and feelings of your babies in your arms?

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Messages for the images in this listing:

2 LOVES: A mother holding twin babies, blessed with twins!

LINGER: One big embrace, taking in two small bodies – the older one preparing to be free and grow up, the younger still relishing mama’s squeeze. Lingering may help me to digest the idea that time is making my children bigger and less dependent ~ however, the bond between the children is evident, physical, and never to be lost. I feel so blessed to have two sweet little boys. Please Note: 5x5, 12x12, and Embellished Prints of Linger feature a square-cropped image - see photo.

JUST LOVE THEM: Laying next to my huge 'babies' I wonder HOW will I succeed at the next stages of life... raising a teenager, staying active, finding balance... and these words come to me: JUST LOVE THEM. So I create a visual for this realization ~ monochromatic in golds and yellows, like sunlight... Just Love Them ~ we will figure out the rest as we move through. Love powers parenting, and love grows good kids.

FEELING STRONG: We get pushed down, squashed, shamed, lied to. We are disregarded, ghosted and flattened... and we stay down… for a while. But eventually, we must get up again. Crawl from our downed location and find our feet. There is so much pain. And the little people in our lives can show us the purity and innocence of what matters around us. 

HOME: The first cassette tape I owned was Billy Joel's Innocent Man - I nearly wore it out. I still fall into the eyes of Billy Joel and have ever since I was a little girl. His music inspires me and the stories put images in my mind. His (older) music has always moved me and several seem to be written just for me. "Whenever we're together, that's my HOME. Home is just another word for YOU." Please Note: 5x5, 12x12, and Embellished Prints of Home feature a square-cropped image - see photo.

MID-SUMMER DAY: A hike, a frolic in nature, a bath in the sun ~ a moment to feel the warmth, the breath, the weight of your children ~ your purpose. A Mother wearing and carrying, two children in her arms, making her way through a sunlit world. Big sister doesn't want to be left out of the mama cuddles.

CLOSE TO MY HEART: For always, close to my heart is where you will be.

STAR CROSSED: We were meant to be together, me & my two loves. A happy mother kissing her two children, face to face and nose to nose. Kisses for mommy, kisses for babies. Mama love and a fair dose of sibling love :)

TIME IN: I’ve always felt that a little time-out can work wonders for a child (or parent) who is overwhelmed and/or spinning out of control – however, how can a time-out work without plenty of time in? One of my favorite paintings of children.

TENDER & GENTLE: There is always an opportunity to be kind, to touch tenderly and talk gently. 

SHINE BRIGHTER, FLY HIGHER: May you shine brighter than you think you ought to, and fly higher than your mama told you you should.

LULLABY OF BREATH: Even when we've run out of lullaby songs to sing, our rhythmic breath sustains our resting children. As they listen to the rise and the fall, they relax into us. Small children resting against our chests, listening to the calm breath of mama, they feel safe. Gentle artwork to remind you that you are a gentle mother.

TO HAVE & TO HOLD: Having children that entertain each other... the tickle and the giggle. What a blessing. To watch over the budding relationship, helping to nurture it while staying out of the way.

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