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You Choose Me - original 8x8" painting on canvas
You Choose Me - mom and three kids in undies painting on canvas by Katie m. Berggren
You Choose Me - mom and three kids in undies painting on canvas by Katie m. Berggren

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Description Of This Artwork
Message from the Artist: I’m sensitive, capable of opening my heart wide and sometimes letting too much out. I recently turned my heart inside-out to a friend, and bubbled over with self-judgement, and honest hurting. I probably let out too much, but I felt safe in the moment and I believe in NOT holding poison inside. When we scroll through our social media feeds, we see the best of our friend’s lives: the beautiful vacations, happiest kids, bestest of friends. Thus, on this particular heart-barfing moment, I shared that I feel unworthy and unlovable. Here is what my friend said back to me: “If you don’t see your value when you look in the mirror… look at YOUR KIDS”. I must be doing okay, enough of the time... Beyond the fact that my boys are kind and smart and self-driven, my kiddos choose to be with me every day, even when I feel unworthy and pointless. I have an amazing husband, 2 beautiful boys (a rad sister and brothers), and a few good girlfriends who seem to love me for who I am, and that is comforting, because first I must be me. We must all honor our true selves. Personally, I must be sensitive and share my heart. I will no doubt shed tears at inopportune times and scare away people who are uncomfortable with this intimacy. And that’s okay. This new painting is titled You Choose Me. This collection of souls is (nearly) naked, pure and vulnerable… together.

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  • A lusciously rich and textured original 8x8" painting on deep canvas. The 1 1/2" edges of this painting are richly painted dark brown and the entire painted area is protected with UV Varnish so your original painting will last a lifetime. This piece is signed on the front, labeled and signed on the back, wired and ready to hang where you most need a pick-me-up and a little reminder every day.
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  • Nothing compares to the rich and textured surface of an original painting on canvas. I started my career painting on board, but as soon as I had the opportunity to paint on canvas, I was hooked. I think of skin and bone and breath and life as I create these paintings, and my intention is that they will bless you and bring joy, presence and light into your home.
  • I choose the finest cotton canvases, gallery-wrapped and splined on the back, with no staples on the edges. Your beautiful painting on canvas will arrive wired and ready to hang. Since the edges are painted and the entire painting sealed and protected with gloss varnish, framing is not necessary, but you can certainly choose to do so.
  • Your new Original Painting will be shipped to you in a sturdy shipping box, wrapped securely, with a gift for you of a stack of free art cards.
  • The paintings in this collection will ship via Priority USPS for US buyers and for international buyers, via USPS International Mail, ready to hang!

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