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We Must Believe - prints from an original painting
We Must Believe - Mother Kids Butterflies print by Katie m. Berggren
We Must Believe - Mother Kids Butterflies print by Katie m. Berggren

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Message from the Artist: We must believe. I recently listened to Light Watkins’ thoughts about the untimely loss of so many black lives… too young with too much potential. Light mentions that Maya Angelou’s early life included drugs and a strip club and Malcolm X spent time in prison for burglary. They did what they did then came upon the time/place/inspiration to become who they were meant to be in the world. Empowering themselves then others, creating change. They transformed. If we judge them by their early situations, we would be sorry.
We must believe that those around us can rise to their next level of greatness, and that we can, as well.
We must have faith that our children were born with their greatness coded into them, they are not blank slates, but are designed for something big. We guide them, we nurture them, we trust and honor them, then we get out of their way.
That piece of life is hard for me, and it is a part of life that I am stepping into right now – my boys are becoming who they are meant to be. I am detaching myself from the control I have had for over 15 years.
The world does not revolve around us, but goes on without us. Children grow, things change, all without our help, hoping or wishing. It’s not easy. We want to feel necessary, needed, relied upon. We want to feel like it all happens because of us, and that our personal earth turns on its axis because we are there to keep it from falling. But life has its own plans.
Alexandra Stoddard says that two of the most common fears of mothers are 1) I’ll die, and 2) something awful will happen to my child. Well, she says, we WILL die. So there’s no surprise there. And two, if something DOES happen to our child, God forbid, we need to be strong, centered, capable of handling it. We will be brave.
We will be brave when we send our children out into the world, because they need to see us as brave, so that they can be brave. We must believe that they will do the right things, mostly, and that their mistakes won’t define them. They may find themselves in a strange time & place just as many of those we admire did. We must believe that life will take them on their ideal journey.

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