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Set Of 2 Inspirational Breastfeeding Magnets
Set Of 2 Inspirational Breastfeeding Magnets from Katie m. Berggren
Set Of 2 Inspirational Breastfeeding Magnets from Katie m. Berggren

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get the breastfeeding magnets individually here: http://tinyurl.com/FeedMagnets

When I was a little girl, there was a magnet on our fridge with a poem called "The Housewife’s Lament". I’m not rewriting the poem here, because that is not the message I want to leave you with, but I STILL have the poem memorized, 30 years later! The poem was, essentially, the mother complaining about how much work she had to do each day, and how her husband didn't appreciate her... fairly negative :)

This got me thinking… what if we saw something every day that left a POSITIVE message in our minds, and the minds of our children? Something our children could grow up seeing, and would leave a loving impression in their minds. Voila! I adore these magnets ~ I carefully planned these to be something you wouldn’t mind seeing every day, something that would send loving messages to those who hang out in your home. Feel free to give these as gifts, too, to someone who could use some light in their life. Each magnet comes with an envelope, for SUPER easy gift giving!

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