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Nutrients - original painting on heavy paper
Nutrients - curly baby nursing original painting on heavy paper by Katie m. Berggren
Nutrients - curly baby nursing original painting on heavy paper by Katie m. Berggren

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Description Of This Artwork
Message from the Artist: This moment feeds us both, nourishes two souls and connects two spirits. This piece is a one-of-a-kind original painting, painted onto 10x10” heavyweight (140 lb.) acid free watercolor paper, with margins for a crisp, clean appearance. The actual painted image size is 8x8". I recommend framing in a 10x10" or larger frame. A 10x10" frame with an 8x8 window mat or a larger frame with a 10x10" window mat. This will prevent the actual painted surface from touching the glass.

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  • I recently shared a new big project I’m working on that has taken me to the table to sit and work, after YEARS of standing at the easel. Ironic, since that’s where I started my journey with art: at the kitchen table.

    Another ironic funny? I started my work on paper, YEARS ago: colored pencil on paper, graphic markers on paper, digital artwork printed onto paper... When I went to canvas 11 years ago, I launched, totally enraptured, and NEVER looked back.

    This same project that has me sitting, also has me painting onto paper (25 book illustrations). And I feel a strange excitement, a full circle kind of feeling. I’m DEFINITELY not going to stop painting on canvas, it is the skin & bone that keeps my craft alive ~ but I’m having a really nice time putting paint onto paper.

    The thing is, the paint dries SO DARN FAST on paper! And I like that, it allows me to layer deliciously ~ scumbling and massaging, color over color. It’s captivating, seriously.

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